Clio onboarding tour

November 2012 – April 2013 @ Clio


Clio customers can be broken down into 3 main personas. One of which can be described as non tech-savvy, values simple interfaces, and may require interactive tutorials to get over learning curves. For these types of customers, the Clio workflow may seem confusing at first, but after doing it once (maybe a few times for others), they should be able to understand it. To help this persona type, we should design an on boarding tour focused on education which will in turn, also increase trial to paid conversion rates.

Data Driven Decisions

Data proved that the speed at which a contact, matter, and time were created are critical to the conversion process. Those that didn't reach the bill creation phase within 30 days were ~25% more likely to churn that those who had (~10%).


This was my first project at Clio. So there was quite a bit to absorb. The first step would be to learn about the customers as well as the system they would be using. This was also my first time being exposed to the Clio codebase. Wow.

We looked at many competitors, focusing mainly on their on boarding flows and feature introductions. After discussing the idea with the stakeholders, we decided to design a topic and step workflow that would walk customers through the main parts of Clio. This included contact, matter, time, bill, and report creation. Bill creation's the wow moment for the customer. Who doesn't like getting paid. We emphasized that this process would take no longer than ten minutes. We congratulated them each time a topic was completed, saving their process once a milestone was reached. Once the entire tour was completed, we gifted them with a referral credit towards an iPad.

To make it future proof, the tour was designed to include many more tours if we ever needed them. Google Analytics was also implemented to determine where customers were stumbling in the flow.

Success Metrics

We surveyed customers and

  • 80% found the on boarding tour successful
  • 65% maintained interested throughout completion
  • 64% had a pretty good user experience, 32% thought it was awesome
  • 30% said the tour had an affect on their conversion

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • jQuery & JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SCSS
Clio Onboarding - Quick start welcome Clio Onboarding - Step through wizard Clio Onboarding - Topic completion tracker