Project Iris app

January – September 2014 @ Clio


In order to stay competitive within the legal sector, Clio needed to provide upgrades for our customers that focused on document management.


My team faced many challenges with this project. From our persona research, we knew that legal professionals value security above all things. Till this day, many are still wary of the cloud. Keeping this in mind at all times, we focused on the collaboration and management tools that customers would need for their day to day operations. The MVP (minimal viable product) included sharing, commenting, version control, audit trail, and previews.

We researched the flows and interfaces of many competitors. With the help of the design team and many design critiques, we decided on a layout that would give customers the most real estate for scrolling long lists of content. To aid with the limited screen real estate, we made modal windows take the full height of the customer's browser. Whether it was folders or documents, we wanted people to have lots of vertical space to explore the content. We also decided on a contextual sidebar that would load information based on what was selected from the list. Features such as comments, sharing, audit trail, document versions, or information about the document itself would be loaded into the sidebar for quick viewing. Speed and efficiency was also important. All forms were editable inline, so that the customers wouldn't have to switch pages. We made the layout responsive so that customers could bring their documents on the go.

We leaned heavily on Ruby on Rails annd AngularJS to provide the performance for our single page application. Building with AngularJS was a learning curve as it was my first time using it. SLIM and SCSS was also chosen to make development faster.

Tools Used

  • Adobe Photoshop and Axure
  • Angular.js
  • SLIM
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SCSS
Project Iris - Collaboration UI Project Iris - Profile settings Project Iris - Multiple error notitfications Project Iris - File reloation Project Iris - Drag and drop UI