Clio Payments

July – October 2015 @ Clio


Based on feedback, interviews, and churn reports, we discovered that customers found payments within Clio complex and more difficult than it needed to be. Before adding a credit card processing system (Clio Payments) as requested by business requirements, we needed to understand the customer problems before attemping to streamline a new payment interface.


Besides the technical challenges of building in tandem with a third party application, we also needed to remove friction by simplifying the payment workflow. The current interface was not scalable and would cause more headaches down the road if we didn't address it before applying new functionality on top.

To help us determine the problems our customers were facing, we conducted numerous interviews to understand painpoints with the current payment workflow. After gathering the key findings from these discussions, we gathered as a team to draft an ideal solution that would address the problems of the primary customer base.

We tested with both internal stakeholders and external customers to determine the validity of our solutions before appling development resources.

The end result not only simplified payment workflows, but also created built a stable foundation for Clio Payments. The credit card payment system gave the ability to improve a firm's cash flow and reduce debt by removing the time delay between when an invoice is issued and payment is received.

To make things simpler for our customers, we also designed and developed email-based invoicing which allowed firms to send an email with a secure payment link directly from Clio. The secure link offered clients payment flexibiltiy, providing an additional option to make payments on services owed.

Tools Used

  • Axure and Sketch
  • Angular.js
  • HTML
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SCSS
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